Health Coaching

Need to make some changes in your health? Have you been dealing with physical symptoms such as migraines, IBS, bloating after meals, joint pain, or simply can’t seem to lose those extra pounds? Get the results you want with a physician-supervised weight loss program! We have a lifestyle educator/health and wellness coach here to help you structure that weight loss. Carrie Alampi, who has a master’s degree in human nutrition and has worked with clients for nearly 11 years to lose weight, addresses gut-related issues, such as IBS and bloating after meals, and even blood sugar regulation. She will perform a body composition analysis at your first visit and track your progress along the way. Dr. Laura Houser, with her training in Functional Medicine, will oversee her visits. The foundation of a Functional Medicine approach to chronic disease is a healthy diet and lifestyle. Resolve to make the change to a more healthy, vibrant life!

These visits are not covered by insurance but in the end your health care costs will be reduced as you make these positive changes. An initial visit costs $80 and is for one hour and follow up visits are $40 for 30 minutes. This is a small investment into a new, healthier you!

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