Introducing Caitlin Bogo

We are thrilled to welcome Caitlin Bogo, Health Coach, to Columbus OB-GYN.  As the newest member of our wellness team, Caitlin can give you the guidance and support you need to meet your health goals.
What is a Health Coach? This is someone with education and training in optimal health and wellness.  Just as we need guidance from other professionals in order to achieve our goals, such as a financial advisor or academic advisor, a health coach provides a personalized plan addressing all the factors affecting your health.  A Health Coach addresses all essential aspects in your overall health, such as diet, exercise, sleep and stress management.
As your Health Coach, Caitlin will develop a personalized diet and lifestyle plan to meet your individual needs.  She will help determine what diet is right for you (Paleo, vegan/vegetarian, low FODMAPS, low histamine, etc.).  If your goal is weight loss, PERFECT! Caitlin is also a certified personal trainer, specializing in fitness nutrition, so she can offer additional expertise in this area. You've heard the saying "80% nutrition, 20% gym?" You can't out-exercise a diet that's not ideal for YOUR body's needs! Focusing on nutrition will get you closer to the results you desire, from weight loss to healing. 
Often times we see patients with chronic medical problems that stem from diet and lifestyle choices. Caitlin can help guide you to regain your overall health and vitality!
Caitlin will see patients on Fridays at our Taylor Station Road office. During your first visit, Caitlin will perform a body composition analysis, which establishes your percentage body fat and markers such as inflammation or toxicity. She also takes a detailed history, determines your goals, discusses your past struggles with your weight or health, and presents to you a wellness ‘prescription’. Caitlin will make recommendations regarding diet, sleep, exercise, stress management and nutritional support with supplements. Follow-up visits are typically scheduled every 3-4 weeks, but can be scheduled every 1-2 weeks, depending the support you desire.
Call 614-434-2400 today to schedule your consultation with Caitlin and learn how to live your best life!