Taming "Inflammaging"

Inflammation is our body’s normal immune response to bacteria, viruses, injuries and trauma to cells. After inflammation does its job to fight the trauma, our body releases other substances called SPMs (specifically lipoxins, resolvins, protectins, and maresins) to stop the inflammatory response. This is the normal healing process. The problem is that our bodies often lack the SPMs that are needed to stop the inflammatory response, which is harmful when it fails to turn off ...when inflammation continues without resolve, then as we age this chronic inflammation progresses dangerously into what is now referred to as ‘inflammaging’. Inflammaging is a chronic, low-grade inflammation that occurs with the human aging process. It is a highly significant risk factor for both morbidity and mortality in elderly people, as most (if not all) age-related diseases share an inflammatory pathogenesis.

There are many reasons to take Omega-3 fish oil supplements, but the traditional fish oils on the market aren’t naturally enriched with high levels of inflammation-fighting SPMs that can guarantee you the anti-inflammatory benefits…we can help.

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