Tdap Vaccine for Expecting Mothers

When you become pregnant, your doctor may recommend or offer the Tdap vaccination.  The vaccine’s purpose is to prevent tetanus (lock jaw), diphtheria, and pertussis (whooping cough) – all diseases caused by bacteria.  Although you will reap all the benefits of the vaccine, the most important for you as an expecting mother is the prevention of pertussis.  Pertussis causes severe coughing spells that have the potential to result in difficulty breathing, disturbed sleep, and vomiting.

Cesarean Birth

Sometimes, natural vaginal birth isn’t medically possible for a mother and her child. When this is the case, doctors have to deliver the baby using a different method, called a cesarean birth, or a c-section. This is the method of delivering the baby surgically through an incision made through the abdomen and uterus of the mother. Many women have questions about cesarean birth and whether it is right for them. This page goes over the basics of c-sections, and should answer some frequently asked questions about them.

Group B Streptococcus And Pregnancy

Pregnant women are especially prone to many different illnesses as they carry their babies to term. Not only can these illnesses be harmful to the mother; they also have the potential to be passed on to the growing baby. Group B streptococcus, or GBS, is a type of bacteria that can be found in up to 40% of pregnant women. Although not usually harmful, this bacteria is oftentimes passed from the mother to the baby, which can be potentially life threatening. The following common questions are designed to help you learn the facts about GBS and what it means to you and your growing child.

Pain Relief During Labor and Delivery

Although the birth of a new baby is a very exciting and happy time in a woman’s life, many pregnant women are concerned about the pain they may experience during labor and delivery. The truth is, the pain that is felt by one woman may be completely different than the pain felt by another. The good news is that there is pain relief for women in labor, and it can be very helpful to use together with relaxation and breathing tips. However, many women may wonder what type of pain relief is best for them and which will be the most effective. This page goes over the basic types of pain relief medications that are used during labor and delivery.

Having Twins

The news that you are having twins can be happy, exciting, wonderful, and nerve-wracking all at once. The idea of carrying more than one baby can make some pregnant women nervous, especially if they are not informed about the facts of being pregnant with twins. Being knowledgeable on your upcoming birth will help to prepare you and may help with what is to come. Many women who are pregnant with twins have questions. This page should answer some of them by covering the basic information that you need to know about having twins.

Ectopic Pregnancy

When an egg is fertilized, in order for the pregnancy to grow correctly and to be successful, the fertilized egg must travel down into the uterus and implant itself in the uterine wall. Sometimes, though, this doesn’t always happen, and fertilized eggs can grow inside one of the fallopian tubes. This is a serious problem referred to as an ectopic pregnancy. Because a fertilized egg has no chance of growing properly outside the uterus and can cause serious problems, ectopic pregnancies must be treated immediately before they can cause serious damage. This page explains the basics about ectopic pregnancies and how they can be treated.

Exercise During Pregnancy

Exercise is a very important part of all people’s lives. It keeps them healthy and allows them to build stronger muscles and burn off calories. Exercise is also very important during pregnancy because it can help your baby be much healthier when it is born. However, it is important to know which exercises to avoid and which to do while you are pregnant. Some exercises can be potentially dangerous. This page covers basic information about exercise during pregnancy to help you stay as healthy as you can.

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

How far along in my pregnancy am I?

When am I due?

When will my first and second trimesters begin and end?

This pregnacy calculator will answer these questions!

A Father’s Guide to Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a time of excitement and changes for both the woman and the man. Expectant fathers are oftentimes excited, anxious, and nervous about the birth of their new child. Pregnant women go through many different changes during pregnancy, and by understanding these changes and what to expect, you can help your partner by offering support and information during this busy time. This page goes over information about pregnancy, what to expect during and after, and the father’s role in being supportive and helpful to his pregnant partner.

Postpartum Depression

Usually, having a baby is an exciting, wonderful journey for most women. The excitement of a new addition to the family and the long awaited months of birth can be a very joyous, fulfilling time. However, not all new mothers may experience these happy feelings. Sometimes new mothers experience many feelings of sadness, anxiety, or resentment after the birth of their child. In mild forms, it is often called having the "baby blues", and is normal to experience for a short period of time. However, not all cases of the "baby blues" go away after a week. When feelings worsen and become more severe or are persistent, this becomes a condition called postpartum depression. It is a medical condition, and requires medical attention and treatment. This page goes over the basics of postpartum depression, with information about what it is to treatment options.