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Dr. Olah Rides in Pelotonia 2016

Dr. Olah will be riding 50 miles in Pelotonia 2016 on Saturday, August 6th! Pelotonia is an incredible fundraiser focused on one thing and one thing only—raising money to support research that will help create a cancer free world. Pelotonia itself is a bike tour where participants can ride anywhere from 25 to 180 miles. Dr. Olah is driven to participate in this amazing event again this year by her passion to defeat cancer.

Dr. Olah Participates in Pelotonia

Our very own Dr. Olah completed 50 miles in Pelotonia for the second year in a row. She rode with team Ascena and her friend Gaby Haffer. This is why she rides: "Pelotonia is an amazing experience. Everything from the crowds on the side of the road, to the riders as they announce who they are riding for is so moving and powerful. Every moment of the day holds so much meaning. Over the last year, I have been a part of many patients' lives who have been diagnosed with cancer.